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Torrington woman found living with 21 cats, 3 dogs arrested for animal abuse

Posted December 13, 2017 11:50 a.m. EST

— A Torrington woman faces animal abuse charges after investigators found her to be living with 21 cats, 3 live dogs and 3 dead dogs in a cluttered home.

Robin Betz, 59, was charged with cruelty to animals when she was arrested on Dec. 8.

Police said Torrington Regional Animal Control received a complaint about the care and wellbeing of several cats and dogs at Betz's Beechwood Avenue home.

The caller said that many cats were kept in cages while some were loose on the property.

The person also said that Betz's house was extremely cluttered with some rooms completely filled.

Animal control conducted an investigation that lasted several weeks. However, they were unable to gain access to Betz's home because she refused to allow investigators inside.

On Nov. 17, animal control and Torrington detectives served a search and seizure warrant.

They found that most of the animals were confined to cages and did have food and water. However, they said they had a difficult time gathering the loose animals because of the piled up personal items throughout the house.

All of the animals are now in the care of animal control and are being evaluated by veterinary services.

Animal control called the investigation ongoing.