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Top Eight Reasons I'm Not Going to Ride the Turbo Force

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8. If you're eating lunch in the grandstand, you can hear the people riding on the Turbo Force screaming their lungs out.

7. If you're eating lunch in the grandstand and watch the Turbo Force too long, you will not want to each lunch anymore. If the vicarious experience is that unpleasant, how's the real experience going to be?

6. If I want a 65 MPH thrill ride, I'll drive on I-40 during rush hour.

5. I've always been content with 1g of force imposed upon my person. 3gs seems extravagant.

4. When the Turbo Force comes down it comes very close to the bumper car ride, and my imagination is way too good.

3. Did I mention about the screaming?

2. The Turbo Force makes the Mega Drop look like a granny ride.

and the number one reason I'm not going to ride the Turbo Force ...

1. The line is way too long! (Obviously lots of people don't feel the way I do.)