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Suspect in Hoke slaying also accused of shooting up Robeson neighborhood

Posted May 2, 2018 5:10 p.m. EDT

— One of the men charged with opening fire on a pickup in Hole County over the weekend, killing a man, is also accused of shooting up a street several miles away a few hours earlier.

James Franklin Quick, 26, remains in the Hoke County jail without bond on charges of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder.

Authorities said Quick, Laroyce McLean and Sherron Leach shot at a family heading home from a party early Sunday in their pickup. The truck was stopped at a stop sign at Old Wire and Shannon roads between Raeford and Lumber Bridge when the three gunmen ambushed them, firing about 30 rounds into the truck, authorities said.

Richard Locklear, 26, was killed in the shooting. His girlfriend and another man in the truck were wounded, while Locklear's 2-year-old daughter escaped unharmed.

Late Saturday, residents of Middle Street in Red Springs say, Quick opened fire in their neighborhood, forcing people to dive for cover.

"He just kept shooting – dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat – and didn't stop until the gun [went] click, click, click," said Jerrill Galbreath.

Galbreath said Quick has a history of terrorizing residents in Red Springs, noting that he shot at his vehicle a couple of weeks ago.

On Saturday night, Galbreath said, Quick didn't miss the car, which now is pocked with bullet holes and has a shattered back window.

"I was standing right here by my car," he said. "I fell down on the ground right there, and he just kept shooting."

Some shots went through a house, and others broke windows. Galbreath said his leg was grazed by one bullet. His wife was also grazed by a bullet.

Red Springs Police Chief Ronnie Patterson said he's arrested Quick several times on various charges.

Quick criminal record dates to 2010 and includes convictions for breaking into homes and cars, theft and assault, according to state Department of Public Safety records. His most recent time in prison was for setting fire to a Cumberland County woman's dog three years ago.

"For what he's charged with and the residents that he shot up prior to the murder that he committed, I sure hope he gets what's due for him," Patterson said.