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Tobaccoville man turns ordinary gourds into works of art

Posted July 26, 2018 12:57 p.m. EDT

— If you want to know about gourds Randy Young is your guy.

"They are in that family of squash, pumpkin, watermelon," said Young, who found his interest in gourds while on vacation a few years ago. "We were somewhere in the mountains and my wife said I like that and I said I can make that it."

It turns out he could and his wife could too and they've taken ordinary gourds and turned them into works of art.

He currently has about 450-500 in different varieties ready to be turned into decorative art.

"You can do actually make things like a canteen," he said. "They're just fun."

You can check out more of Randy's work on his website

If you'd like to learn more about gourds check out the 2nd annual Triad Gourd Patch Mini-Festival this weekend at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds.