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Tips for new moms of multiples

Pam Diamond, a postpartum doula in Cary, has worked with a lot of moms. And many of those are moms of multiples. Watch the video and click the headline for more.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

Pam Diamond, a postpartum doula from Cary, has been with us for the last few weeks with tips on everything from getting babies to sleep to the importance of new moms taking care of themselves.

Pam owns First Daze & Nightzzz, a baby and sleep specialist. She's helped a lot of new moms and dads over the years transition to life at home with baby by providing support during those critical first days, weeks and months.

Among the many parents that Pam has helped have been moms of multiples. So in this last video installment with Pam, she shares tips for moms of newborn multiples.

In the video, she mentions local groups for moms of multiples and I told her that I'd include some links to them. They are Triangle Mothers of Twins & Triplets (which I hear called TMOTT all the time) and Chapel Hill-Durham Mothers of Multiples.

If there are others, please share in the comments.

Thanks so much to Pam for all your tips!

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