Tiny homes on the coast create a big beach lifestyle

Posted December 16, 2020 6:16 p.m. EST

This article was written for our sponsor, Linda Rike Real Estate.

What is a tiny home? A movement that started after the mid-2000s recession, tiny home living serves as a way for homeowners to reduce their budget and their square footage. Most of these small units range in size from one hundred to four hundred square feet, although some have gotten larger as the movement has gained popularity.

And now, tiny homes are coming to Carteret County — and for those looking for an affordable home near the beach or profitable coastal rental property, it's the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

"In building these tiny homes, they've taken over a larger property with some less desirable structures. They'll be taking all of those structures out, then using the space to build a community of tiny homes," said Kelinda Rike, a real estate professional at Linda Rike Real Estate. "Basically, when you buy one you can gain a vested interest in this new way of living, whether you choose to live there yourself or rent the property out."

Although there are only four hundred-odd square feet of space in a tiny home, the units have almost everything you'd find in a regular house. Oftentimes, the bedroom is lofted above the living room or kitchen, there's a bathroom with indoor plumbing, and storage space — while sparse — is creatively scattered under steps and into cupboards.

Since tiny homes don't offer much in the way of square footage, many people who purchase one find themselves spending the bulk of their time outdoors. Luckily, there are few other places that make it easy to spend time outside than Carteret County. With dozens of miles of shoreline, diverse waterways, and plenty of wide-open space, the location is an outdoor lover's dream come true.

"What people want to do when they come here is to be outside. Nobody wants to be sitting inside when the beach is nearby, nobody wants to have the door shut when you could feel the breeze off the water," said Kelinda. "They want fresh air, they want to go outside, they want to be able to run free. Since living in a tiny home pretty much means your living room is outside, it's perfect for that sort of outdoor, coastal lifestyle."

"There's nothing quite like listening to the waves crash on any given night, taking a walk on the beach with the cold sand between your toes," added Wyatt Rike, Kelinda's brother and another real estate professional with Linda Rike Real Estate. "We have sounds, shores, the list goes on of the names of bodies of water around us that you could navigate. Whether it's a paddleboard or a yacht, there's a place here for whatever you need." Living on the Crystal Coast makes it easy to ‘Just add water to your lifestyle.'"

While tiny homes can function as permanent living spaces, buyers often choose to use their tiny homes as a vacation house or rental unit. Not only does this help generate income, but the low cost of operation helps reduce or eliminate costs larger homes would have.

"When you come to the beach, whether you're just visiting or looking for an investment property, it needs to be streamlined and you want your maintenance level to be low. You don't necessarily need a big place on the ocean that takes a beating from the elements, because that can get expensive and tricky with insurance," said Wyatt. "A lot of these properties have a great location and an affordable maintenance level, as well as a Homeowners Association. They'll cut your grass and take care of exterior maintenance, thus enhancing your enjoyment by spending less time and money landscaping."

"These homes are less maintenance, lower utility bills, lower upkeep — there are way fewer things to take care of," added Kelinda. "The attraction of a tiny home is you come in, you drop your bags and when you leave, you leave — you don't have to spend hours cleaning or prepping your house for being gone."

For those who don't mind reducing space, tiny homes make a big beach lifestyle possible at a low price tag. With the addition of the new tiny home community in Carteret County, buyers can enjoy the coastal life, a profitable investment, and a simpler way of living.

"Tiny houses are a different mentality, but when they work, they really work," said Wyatt. "If you're ready to clear your mind and cut down on stuff, or even just have a streamlined place to get away, tiny homes help make that possible without breaking the bank too much."

This article was written for our sponsor, Linda Rike Real Estate.

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