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Tillis: Focused on solutions, not shutdown

Posted August 3, 2018

North Carolina Sen.Thom Tillis, in Raleigh Friday for a Congressional hearing with farmers, said he and his colleagues are focused on sending the president a funding bill that would fund the vast majority of the federal government and not shut it down.

He understands that President Trump, however, has a sticking point – border security.

"We need to come up with good border security, and I for one want to come up with a good, long-term plan for immigration as well," Tillis said in a one-on-one interview with WRAL News.

The president has threatened a government shutdown if he doesn't get funding for his promised border wall.

"It's not going to happen before the mid-term elections," Tillis said. "We're in a political season, and not many people, other than me, are willing to take a risk, even for good policy. I think it's going to be in the 'lame duck' or early next Congress."

Gun laws not the answer on school safety

With the start of a new school year looming, Tillis also addressed gun laws, gun rights and student safety.

He dismissed the discussion of new limits on gun ownership as simple, interest-group politics and not a true solution.

"Let the far right and the far left – who don't really want to address the issue but to only advance their agenda – go somewhere," he said.

"Let those of us who recognize there is a solution that involves mental health, that involves better coordination with law enforcement agencies, there's a solution to be had. That's the only way to look at it.

"If someone tells you they made school safer by changing gun laws, they are not telling you the truth."

Facebook must do more to protect users

Tillis has also been outspoken about the manipulation of personal data in and on social media. On Friday, he said Facebook and others must do a better job at stopping manipulation by outside sources.

"They better understand people are exploiting them, nations are exploiting their platforms, interest groups are exploiting their platforms, and if they want to continue to grow and be a part of the social media networks found in this country, they better be able to appeal to the American people that they're not going to be easily manipulated and have their data not harvested for nefarious purposes," he said.

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