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Thursday thoughts: Printing coupons from Facebook

Posted June 2, 2011 11:27 a.m. EDT

Lately, there have been a ton of great coupons offered through the Facebook pages of various manufacturers and retailers. In the last couple weeks, I have received questions about how to access these coupons. Read on for the basics of how to print coupons through Facebook so you can save, save, save!


Here's a question I received via e-mail this week from Joseph:

"I am new to couponing and I keep running across "Like on Facebook and print out coupons". How is this done? I tried one, I clicked on the like button\top center and also made a comment. I couldn't find anything on their facebook, my facebook, nor in my email. I am puzzled. Please help."


To print coupons from Facebook, you must first have a Facebook account. Click HERE to sign up.  Many people open up a free e-mail account through yahoo or hotmail to use when signing up for coupon deals so their main inbox is not overwhelmed with couponing e-mails. They often use that same yahoo or hotmail e-mail when signing up for Facebook.

Once you have an account, you can now print coupons when manufacturers offer them on their Facebook pages. When you see me post a coupon through Facebook, click on the link provided on the blog. Then log in to Facebook and click the Like button on the company Facebook page. Sometimes the link to the coupon will be obvious. Sometimes you have to go to the side menu (usually on the left side and click "Coupons" or "Promotions" or "Offers".  With many of these coupons, you can print them twice by clicking the backspace button once the first coupon has finished printing.

If you clicked the Facebook page for the Diet Coke coupon I posted on the wral blog a couple days ago, you didn't see anything about a coupon until you logged into Facebook, then clicked the Like button. At that point, there was a link to click to print the coupon.  Now that the coupon is no longer available, there is a message indicated the coupons are gone.

If you click on a link to a Facbook coupon I have posted and can't find the coupon, more than likely, the coupon is already gone and no longer available. Some of these coupons run out of prints quickly and you won't always get them. This is probably what happened when Joseph tried to print the coupon from Facebook earlier in the week.

If you have been hesitant to open a Facebook account because you didn't want to have to deal with "friending" people or chatting online, then only use it for couponing and nothing else. Just because you have a Facebook account doesn't mean you have to use it for anything other than couponing.  The great coupons I have printed through Facebook were definitely worth the time to open an account. Happy printing!