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Thursday thoughts: Aisle50.com - a new grocery deal site

Posted August 11, 2011 2:20 p.m. EDT

There's a new deal site on the block, but this one is not like any of the current deal sites out there! Aisle50.com is working with Lowes Foods to offer some very interesting digital grocery deals. In North Carolina, they are launching on Monday, August 15th with deals good at Lowes Foods.

Here is the scoop sent to me from Aisle50.com about how it works and how you can save:

They offer daily deals for groceries -- you buy the deal of the day from them, at around 50% off of the normal price and they load credit for that item to your grocery store's loyalty card. When you check out at the store with the item in your cart, the the total price of the items comes off your bill when you swipe your loyalty card (because you already paid for it on Aisle50.com). They alert users to the new deal with an email that goes out as soon as a new deal gets posted. The deals will be daily starting this fall. For now, they will be running new deals every five days or so. The deal for Monday, 8/15 will be on Chobani Yogurt. You will not be able to use manufacturer's coupons on these items at the register since they are already paid for through Aisle50.com. 

Click HERE to go to the Aisle50.com website and watch a cute video about the deals. It looks like we won't be able to see the rest of the website until it launches on Monday. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here and I will find out the answers from the folks at Aisle50.

Here is my take on this site (although I reserve the right to amend all comments once it is up and running and I have seen more of the deals): There is great potential to score some very good 1/2 price deals, especially on items where coupons are limited. For items where we use a coupon that gets doubled at the register, the savings are probably greater when you pay at the store, vs. paying through Aisle50.com. I will definitely be looking at the new Aisle50 deals when they come out each week (and each day starting this fall) and I'll be sure to post about the best ones here on the blog.

As the coupon climate continues to evolve, we will see many more ways to save, especially through digital savings. Aisle50 offers a very unique way to pre-pay for your groceries and I wouldn't be surprised if other stores in the area start offering deals through Aisle50.com in the near future.

Once the deals start arriving in our in-boxes, I look forward to reading your feedback about the offerings. Bring on the deals, Aisle50!