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Three day signing of intent event for high school seniors

Posted December 25, 2017 12:24 p.m. EST

— Several Connecticut student athletes took the pen to the paper at an early "Letters of Intent" signing day.

The event, authorized by the NCAA earlier this year than its typical first Wednesday in February to begin sooner, brought excitement, emotions, and dreams becoming a reality for those whose hard work paid off.

Channel 3 Eyewitness Sports Reporter Caroline Powers spoke with several of the students across the state on Wednesday who took part in the exciting student athlete achievements.

One of the most notable commitments this week was by Middletown's Xavier Quarterback, Will Levis who signed on to play with Penn State.

But several Connecticut students decided to don the Huskies uniform for the University of Connecticut. Coach Randy Edsall said he already sees this as a win.

"If you have people here in your own state that you determine are good enough and you can keep them at home, that means you don't have to go further away to attract the talent to come here," Coach Edsall told Eyewitness Sports.

"Hopefully there'll be another [recruited athlete] next year," said future Huskies player, Kevon Jones. "Try to be a leader to my teammates and show them the right way to go and hopefully next year we have another one."

Meanwhile, at Capital Prep, the entire school packed into the gym for signing. An event that coaches and players said they hope will send a bigger message.

"To have everybody here, this is what it's all about," Coach Jason Manson addressed the crowd.

"To inspire the kids at a young age to get to this level, when they're reaching their goals and their dreams are coming true, we want that to sprinkle down to all the kids that we work with every day."

Trailblazers Quarterback, Kyle Zajack is Division One bound to play for the CCSU Blue Devils. Zajack said to play for the CCSU team is goal he set for himself when others doubted him.

"After the third day he was like, 'I really see you playing at a good Division 3 institution,'" Zajack said as he recalled a past moment when he faced doubtfulness from others.

"And when I first heard it, I was kind of accepting but then I turned it into 'he's doubting me, so I'm going to work harder and strive to go D1.' So, it just feels good to finally make it happen," said Zajack.

The schools said they hope to have more players sign 'Letters of Intent' in February.