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Those working outside brave another day of frigid temps

Posted January 5, 2018 6:26 p.m. EST

— Emergency responders, construction workers and parking attendants are just some of the people who have no choice but to face the cold as their job requires being outside.

Walking outdoors when it's as cold as some deep freezers is one thing, but working in frigid temperatures almost requires hazard pay.

But for some people, including Brian Hobbs, a project manager working on a construction site in Wake Forest, working in extreme conditions comes with the job.

"Mobility definitely becomes an issue," said Hobbs.

He says he encourages his workers to think safety first in the kind of frigid weather that the Triangle experienced on Friday.

"Toboggans, neck warmers, hand warmer, gloves, two pairs of socks, thick boots, heavy coat, anything you can do to stay warm," Hobbs said.

Paramedics and other first responders including firefighters have no choice when it's this cold and duty calls.

"Having to bulk up to be able to be warm in the cold, but yesterday you're busy in the back of an ambulance and you're getting hot very quickly. It's difficult to move around in the bulky clothing," said Wake County EMS Director Jeff Hammerstein.

For John Ford, who delivers propane, he can't imagine not working outdoors.

"I'll never go back inside to work," he said. "Working outdoors has its pleasures. You stay in a building too long, look at the same walls, you go crazy."

Ford says, keep your feet warm and put a cover on your head, you can manage any cold weather.

But for others, the key for them is relying on their training to get through the frigid weather.