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Thief uses rock to break into Pearl District business

A thief broke into a Pearl District business by throwing a rock through its glass door.

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Haley Rush
PORTLAND, OR — A thief broke into a Pearl District business by throwing a rock through its glass door.

In less than a minute, surveillance video shows a crook break into the Porch Light, near NW 11th and Everett early Thursday morning.

"He had a rock about the size of my palm, threw it through the window, forcibly enough that it went all the way to the back of the shop and hit something," said shop owner, Keiran Best.

Best said the suspect then went looking for any money he could find.

"We don't have an obvious register so I think he was looking for something obvious and couldn't find it so he created a lot of damage there trying to find something," she said.

After rifling through part of the store, he ends up leaving with only $14 in change. But the damage he caused cost more.

"Well the window cost $800 dollars to replace and then we still have to get new graphics, vinyl graphics for the window which is probably another $300," Best said.

Best said she had cameras rolling and even a working alarm system, but both didn't deter the crook one bit.

"Definitely crime is getting worse," she said.

In fact, something like this has happened before. Just last month, Fox 12 spoke with the owner of a nearby Lebanese restaurant who shared similar surveillance video. In that case, he said the crook got away with $2,000.

"Definitely this sort of constant wave of shoplifting and people breaking into retail businesses is new," Best said. "I mean I've never had it happen in the time I've been in business."

Best said she'd like to see more officers or even harsher penalties for crooks.

"It's very violating," she said. "I mean I worked really hard to build this business and we all work really hard here to make it a nice place and to have somebody just yeah violate it like that. Yeah, it doesn't feel good."

Portland Police said they can't say if the two break-ins are connected.

If you have any information about the break-in at Porch Light or recognize the person in the video, contact Portland Police.

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