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There were 3 police officer-involved shootings this weekend

Posted July 16, 2018 9:02 a.m. EDT

— There were three police officer-involved shootings over the past weekend that left a combined four people dead, including one police officer. Here are the key details for each of those incidents.

A shootout in Kansas City left three police officers wounded in two locations and a murder suspect dead on Sunday, police said.

The shooting began at a motel where undercover and tactical officers found the suspect, who was wanted in connection with the July 6 killing of a college student, said Jake Becchina of the Kansas City Police Department. The suspect opened fire, striking two officers.

The man Chicago police shot and killed Saturday appeared to be reaching for a gun in his waistband, according to body camera footage released by the department on Sunday.

Chicago police released two versions of the same video. One of the versions showed the events in real time and the other was in slow motion. Both versions showed four officers approaching Harith Augustus, 37. In the video, officers try to grab Augustus, who pushes the officers' arms away and flails his arms. Augustus then rolls over the hood of a police vehicle and appears to reach to the right side of his waistband, where police say they saw a gun.

A policeman near Boston was fatally shot with his own service weapon Sunday morning by a man who used the same gun to kill a female bystander in her home, authorities said. The incident occurred after Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna responded to a call about an erratic driver. He found a car crashed at the scene and a man vandalizing a home.