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Go Ask Mom

There's no place like home

Posted August 22, 2010 8:36 p.m. EDT

Our family is part of a group of people that others refer to as "transplants" to the area.

That means when we say "home," it's in another city, another state. The phrase "going home" does not refer to a house, but rather, the place where we grew up or spent the most time in our lives.

We had the privilege of "going home" last week. It was a whirlwind tour with visits, parties and lots of family and friends. Although so many people told me the kids would forget about "home," mine never did. They still talk about all things Ohio and it's been nearly three years after our move! In their minds, they've turned our home state into this perfect place where nothing ever goes wrong.

As we picked up our things and headed back to our real home in the Triangle, our daughters simply said, "I wish we could stay." We explained that these visits were special because we could only do them once or twice per year. Then we tried to focus their thoughts on the first day of school, meet the teacher events and the many new, exciting experiences headed our way.

As subtly as we could, we also mentioned all of the wonderful things we've come to know and love about Raleigh, for example, "Wow... we're just a couple of hours away from the beach!" That's how we chose to lessen the blow of taking them hours and hours away from the people and the things they love.

Sure, there's no place like home, but there's also nothing like a new adventure.

Aysu is the busy mom of three girls and assistant news director for WRAL-TV. Find her here on Sundays.