The stock market storm may not be over just yet

Posted January 22, 2019 2:36 p.m. EST

— Investors may be way too optimistic about corporate earnings and the US economy. A few negative surprises could send stocks sliding back to their depressed levels of late December.

Darius Dale, senior macro analyst for Hedgeye Risk Management, is concerned that the market is ignoring how tough it will be for companies to post impressive year-over-year profit increases. Last year's results were juiced by lower corporate taxes.

Dale also is worried about an economic slowdown in Europe and sluggish growth from the US manufacturing sector as of late.

Weakening macroeconomic data could mean that the stock market could once again head back toward the lows it hit when stocks plunged on Christmas Eve. Since then, stocks have rebounded strongly.

Dale will talk about earnings and the economy, the latest on US-China trade discussions and the Federal Reserve's stance on interest rate hikes with CNN Business correspondent Alison Kosik on CNN Business' "Markets Now" live show on Wednesday.

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