'The Simpsons' mocked upstate New York and politicians couldn't help but weigh in

Upstate New York is the latest recipient of the "The Simpsons'" scathing satire.

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Harmeet Kaur
CNN — Upstate New York is the latest recipient of the "The Simpsons'" scathing satire.

On Sunday's episode, the Simpsons engage in a game of "I Spy" in the car on the way to Niagara Falls. As the family starts pointing out bankrupt retailers, Lisa interjects.

"How can you boo-yah this country's decline?" she asks.

"We're headed to the one place that can never decline because it was never that great ... upstate New York!" Homer responds, before launching into a parody of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York."

In classic Simpsons fashion, the lyrics pull no punches.

Start watching Fox News / Stop watching your weight

There is no fancy part of it / Upstate New York.

They're fond of their booze / Hot wing sauce is great

I'm gonna clog my heart in it / Upstate New York.

I want to sleep in, in a city that never wakes,

And find I'm fitting right in, one of the gang, par for the course.

The Kodak plant's closed, but I'm a-longin' to stay,

And go on disability in upstate New York.

Can't make it anywhere but I can make it there,

I love you so, upstate New York.

The scene closes out with the city of Buffalo blanketed in snow, while Homer yells "Benedict Arnold fought here, baby!"


It wasn't long before politicians starting taking jabs. The New York GOP pointed the finger at Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Twitter.

"Under three terms of @AndrewCuomo, New York is a laughing stock for his failed policies. Cuomo lies and lies but even the Simpsons know the truth," the party wrote on its official Twitter account.

Rich Azzopardi, a senior adviser for Cuomo, responded to a story about the episode on Twitter with a few choice "Simpsons" references.

"There always remains work to be done but — dumb cheap shots aside — facts are facts: jobs are up, unemployment is down, millennials are coming back and it's clear that Poochie was an uncredited writer on that episode. However, I still want a Fighting Hellfish tattoo," Azzopardi wrote.

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