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The Olympics: The world comes together

Posted February 9, 2018 7:56 p.m. EST

I love the Olympics. There is something about witnessing the world at peace – just for 2 weeks. The world – mostly setting aside differences and coming together in unity and hope and peace. And this year, I love it even more.

As I watch the Korean athletes march into the Olympic stadium, it is impossible to tell whether the individuals are from North Korea or South. Their puffy white coats are all identical; their thousand-watt smiles all convey the same message – thrill, and awe. I even saw one of them dab! (hello, universal symbol of coolness!)

At one point, the camera cut away to the Moon Jae-in, the President of South Korea. Seated just behind him, the younger sister of Kim Jong-un. They were smiling, and clapping. They exchanged a brief smile.

And – for a brief moment – the world was at peace. I took a deep breath, and soaked up that moment … knowing it was fleeting. I hope as you watch the Opening Ceremony, you feel that same breath of hope and promise that I do – it is a good feeling.

I understand “peace on earth” it is not that easy, and I don’t mean to oversimplify it. I get that there are geopolitical forces at work, and that conflict is almost a necessity. Without challenge, there is no accountability. But with SO MUCH turmoil in the world these days, it is nice to take a moment and breathe. To realize that the people of these two nations – which are technically at war – are just people who have hopes and dreams like everyone else. To realize that people of ALL nations … are just people.

And for a moment, I think – maybe there is hope, yet. Hope for peace, for tranquility, for and for unity. Hope for a bit more grace and gratitude.

Maybe it is futile, but I refuse to believe hope is EVER pointless. After all, if not now, when the world is standing shoulder-to-shoulder, then when?


The picture of the gloves above – they’re called “heart gloves” here because when you put your forefinger and thumb together, they make a heart.

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