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The beach is empty near Fairhope pier after woman's confirmed case of vibrio

Posted June 17, 2018 10:57 a.m. EDT

— A Robertsdale woman is suffering from a case of Vibrio. The woman said she went to the beach near Fairhope Pier with an open wound. Some people are now taking notice.

The Water is wide but the beach was empty. To stay on the safe side, some people just aren't going.

"I'm not getting in the water for one thing," said Kelly Buck, who is visiting from Greenwood, Mississippi with her daughter.

"Just a little nervous about it. No need to, we're not going to take any chances and swim," added Tracey Gilley, who lives in Fairhope and was walking the pier with his daughter Gracie.

The apprehension comes after Brittany Hallman said she stepped in the water on the beach and ended up with Vibrio. Hallman believes the flesh-eating bacteria got into a small cut on her heel.

"Everybody gets a little cut every now and then and you don't wanna take that chance, its not worth it," added Gilley.

Buck said they originally planned to go paddling but after hearing about the vibrio, its a no-go. She says she'd rather stay above the water.

"We're not getting in the water, we're just fishing off the pier and we're not eating the fish, we're not keeping them so I think we'll be okay," she said.

With Tracey Gilley's daughter being so young, for him, its a better safe than sorry situation, they'll be watching it from the pier.

"We just kind of cut it out, kind of come out here and walk," Gilley added. "Oh yeah. Its still a beautiful scenery, just the swimming part, I don't want to take a chance."

It usually costs to get into Fairhope beach on Friday but today it was open to the public.