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The 14 most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lines from Donald Trump's 'Fox & Friends' interview

Posted May 24, 2018 1:02 p.m. EDT

— President Donald Trump sat down with "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade in Long Island on Wednesday afternoon, an interview the network aired Thursday morning.

It wasn't hard-hitting (you didn't expect it to be unless you have lived on another planet for the last decade straight) but it was interesting.

Here are the 14 most, um, memorable lines.

1. "We're bringing them out by the thousands, as you know, they're setting records. It's just a record that I'm not even -- I don't even like talking about because it's so ridiculous."

And away we go! Trump is talking about his policy of forcing members of the MS-13 gang out of the country. According to PolitiFact, more than 5,000 gang members were removed from the US in 2017. But the government doesn't track what specific gangs those removed from the country are affiliated with, meaning there is no way of knowing whether "thousands" of MS-13 members have been removed. Also, it's not clear what "record" Trump is referring to having broken.


2. "The Democrats are sticking up for MS-13 -- you heard Nancy Pelosi the other day, right, trying to find all sorts of reasons they should be able to stay. "

Um, no. What Pelosi said is "calling people 'animals' is not a good thing" -- in reference to Trump calling members of MS-13 "animals."

3. "The border's down over 40%, and don't forget, we have a great economy, probably the best economy the country's ever had."

Nope! There were three times as many illegal border crossings in April 2018 as there were in April 2017. And the number of illegal crossings went up by 2% from March 2018 to April 2018. Also, the economy!

4. "Unless it improves a wall, and I mean a wall, a real wall, and unless it improves very strong border security, there'll be no approvals from me, because I have to either approve it or not."

Trump reiterates his opposition to any DACA deal that doesn't include substantial wall funding. The question is how hard he will hew to that oath as a government shutdown looms this fall.

5. "They take people from the lottery where you can imagine these countries are not putting their finest in that lottery, so I don't like the lottery."

This is a common Trump rhetorical hobbyhorse. It is also not true.

6. "Chain migration is a disaster, and you look at what's going on where somebody comes in who's bad and yet they'll have 23 members of a family, not one of them do you want in this country."

Experts have repeatedly said that the idea that one person can bring almost two dozen relatives into the US by him or herself is totally implausible.

7. "So chain migration is terrible, the lottery is terrible, we certainly would like to have it end."

In summary: Everything is terrible. The end.

8. "Other countries laugh at us, and it's because of the Democrats. It's because of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi."

So that's why they are laughing? Got it!

9. "It's time to get the whole package."

Trump on an immigration bill. Which, again, if he goes through with this pledge, could lead to major brinksmanship and a potential government shutdown in September.

10. "You are a victim of your success in one way."

I'm cheating here because this isn't a Trump quote, it's from Kilmeade. You know, the objective journalist putting questions to the President.

11. "You need thousands of judges based on this crazy system. Who ever heard of a system where you put people though trials."

Um, well, so, um....

12. "Maybe they shouldn't be in the country."

The President of the United States offering comment on NFL players -- and, I suppose, anyone else -- who doesn't stand for the National Anthem. So, that happened.

13. "How is he going to explain to his grandchildren all of the lies, the deceit, all of the problems he has caused for this country."

This is Trump talking about James Comey. Why, who did you think this quote was about?

14. "We're doing a great job."

"I would give myself an A-plus." -- Donald Trump

I always give myself an A++. The extra "+" is for my math skills.