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Texas woman who ran over cheating husband released from prison

Posted May 12, 2018 2:15 a.m. EDT

— A woman convicted of killing her husband by repeatedly running over him with her car, has been released from a Texas prison.

Clara Harris, 60, served 15 years for the 2002 murder of David Harris, her 44-year-old orthodontist husband.

She was initially sentenced to a 20-year prison sentence but was granted parole last year, CNN affiliate KPRC reported.

The fatal encounter took place in Houston. Harris suspected her husband was having an affair with a former employee and had him followed by a private investigator.

She confronted her husband and his lover inside the lobby of the Hilton Nasa Clear Lake in Nassau Bay.

The fight moved outside, where Harris got in her Mercedes-Benz and ran over her husband multiple times in the hotel's parking lot. Her stepdaughter was in the car at the time of the incident.

The crime was also caught on tape by the private investigator Harris had hired to document her husband's affair.

During her 2003 trial, Harris' attorney argued that the crime happened moments after an emotional and volatile confrontation at the same hotel where the couple had gotten married.

On Friday, Harris was smiling as she walked out of the Christina Melton Crain Unit in Gatesville.

As part of her parole conditions, Harris must wear an ankle monitor, remain employed and stay in the Houston area, KPRC reported.

She would not be allowed to contact her former husband's family or his former mistress. She will also be regularly tested for drugs and alcohol.