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Tensions high in Holly Bobo's hometown as locals await verdict

It could be a matter of minutes, hours or days before the jury makes their decision in the Holly Bobo murder trial.

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Marion Kirkpatrick
, Hayley Mason
SAVANNAH, TN — It could be a matter of minutes, hours or days before the jury makes their decision in the Holly Bobo murder trial.

Jurors resumed their deliberations at 8:30 a.m. Friday. They requested lunch around 11:20 a.m. This comes after the jury worked for almost three hours on Thursday.

The jury is working to decide if Zach Adams is guilty in the 2011 murder of the nursing student. Adams is one of three people charged in the case.

Judge C. Creed McGinley said the jury will work until 6 p.m. each day unless they are close to a decision, which means they can continue working.

Jurors heard the state and defense give passionate closing arguments on Thursday.

The defense argued there is a lack of evidence, saying the state's star witness, Jason Autry, testified to avoid the death penalty.

The state reminded jurors that at least two witnesses testified that Adams admitted his guilt.

Adams is charged with first-degree murder, especially aggravated kidnapping and aggravated rape.

The first-degree murder charge makes this a capital case, meaning the death penalty is on the table. If Adams is convicted of murder, sentencing will begin right away.

The general consensus is that no one really knows what jurors will decide and how long it will take them to reach a verdict.

The judge says he will alert the courtroom 30 minutes before the jury announces their decision.

There are four main scenarios that could play out during this trial:

Scenario 1: The jury finds Adams guilty of first-degree murder. If this happens, sentencing will begin right away, and jurors will have to decide if Adams deserves the death penalty.

Scenario 2: The jury finds Adams guilty of lesser charges. In this case, the judge would be responsible for sentencing, which would happen at a later date.

Scenario 3: The jury finds Adams not guilty. If this is the case, Adams would go back to the Williamson County jail and walk free after processing.

Scenario 4: The jury cannot reach a verdict, causing a hung jury.

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