Ten Lbs. Down Update

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Eight pounds down. Two to go! I lost another pound this past week from 177 to 176. It’s been ten weeks since I started the Ten Pounds Down Weight Loss Challenge. Okay, life isn’t perfect. Technically, I should have reached my overall goal of 174 lbs. today. But I had a couple of weeks in there with too much sitting and not enough moving. I capped off my exercise last evening with a long walk. My wife Cindy rescued me with her car three quarters of the way through when a thunderstorm erupted.

While anchoring the news this morning I told Kelcey Carlson I “was so hungry I could eat a cow.” Well, not really because I am cutting back on red meat.  But I did rush down to Cup-a-Joe’s at 9:00AM for green eggs and ham. One of my problems is slacking off for several days after reaching my weekly goal and struggling to get back on track.

Today question: it’s a fill in the blank:

I’m so hungry I could_____________________________.

Creativity will be rewarded.

Meantime, let us know how your individual weight loss program is going. Any more questions for ace trainer and dietitian Tara Wind?

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