Temps will be almost 15 degrees hotter than normal Tuesday

Posted May 28, 2019 5:29 a.m. EDT
Updated May 28, 2019 1:24 p.m. EDT

— Temperatures crank up to the upper 90s Tuesday, where they’ll stay for most of the workweek, meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

North Forest Pines Elementary School in Raleigh dismissed students at 10 a.m. and Zebulon Middle School followed suit at 11 a.m. because the schools' air conditioning systems weren't working.

A dew point in the mid-60s is our “saving grace,” Gardner said, as the air will feel muggy, but temperatures won’t feel much hotter than they actually are.

Heat Index, DMA

Tuesday’s high is 96 degrees, and it will feel like 98 degrees by the late afternoon.

If the dew point were in the 70s, Gardner said, it could easily feel like 100 degrees outside.

High temperatures are usually 83 degrees this time of year, Gardner said.

A high-pressure system in the southeast is holding in heat, including the tropical heat that’s moving into the area.

A jet stream to the north is separating the hot and cooler air.

There’s a small chance of rain starting Thursday throughout the weekend, when temperatures drop to the lower 90s.

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