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Tehama County Shooter Hired Private Investigator

Posted November 16, 2017 11:57 a.m. EST

— As the body count changed from five to six, we learned that the body of Kevin Neal's wife, Barbara, was discovered hidden beneath the floor board.

Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston says Neal's murderous rampage began with the killing of his own wife.

FOX40 spoke with private investigator Frank Roman, who was hired by Kevin Neal, following Neal's January arrest for an alleged attack on a neighbor.

Roman says the January dispute with Neal's neighbor had to do with the neighbors' alleged manufacturing and sale of methamphetamine, which Neal was irate about.

"He stayed awake at night because of the odor. It was so strong. He told me it made him nauseous. Couldn't sleep, made his wife sick. Made his dogs sick," Roman said.

Roman says law enforcement seized Neal's AR-15 after that arrest.

"He loved to shoot guns. He was always in the backyard shooting weapons," Roman said.

Roman, a former Santa Clara County deputy, says he never suspected Neal could do such violence against kids or his own wife Barbara. He says the couple spent endless hours together and described Neal as a caring and attentive husband.

"This is very tragic. I feel sorry for all the victim involved. Certainly his wife," Roman said.

Roman said Neal wanted peace and quiet.

Roman recalled Neal telling him: "Frank, all I want is to live in my little community with my wife and my dogs. And work on cars."