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Ted Cruz is not invited to Alyssa Milano's group hug

Alyssa Milano did not show Ted Cruz much Twitter love on Thursday.

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Adam Chan (CNN)

Alyssa Milano did not show Ted Cruz much Twitter love on Thursday.

The spat began when the actress and progressive activist tweeted consolation to her followers around the time it was becoming clear Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff would be defeated in the Georgia special congressional election on Tuesday night.

"~GROUPHUG~ everyone get in," Milano tweeted.

On Thursday afternoon, Cruz -- who has expressed disapproval with the draft version of his party's health care plan -- tweeted in response, "We all need a hug!" He then added a winky face emoji.

Milano swiftly tweeted back: "Not you, @tedcruz. You're not invited" -- using the same winky face.

Cruz has previously been subject to some fiery Twitter snark. Trying to increase his likeability at the beginning of his presidential campaign, he posted a video of himself "auditioning" for a series of Simpsons' characters amid rumors that key Simpsons' voice actor Harry Shearer was retiring.

Shearer was not reticent with the criticism. He tweeted: "Dear Ted Cruz: 1, I never said I was "retiring". 2, When you do different characters, it's useful to pitch them in different vocal ranges."

And earlier this year, after Deadspin requested proof that Cruz plays basketball, the Texas senator tweeted a picture of Cruz lookalike and Duke star Grayson Allen.

"What do I win?" Cruz asked.

"Go eat s***," Deadspin replied.

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