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Taste Test: Pumpkin Funnel Cake

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Pumpkin funnel cake

It's orange.

Pumpkin funnel cakes are really, really orange. Road cone orange. Safety vest orange. There's some sweet topping on top and that's white, but mostly it's orange. Unfortunately, that's the most pumpkin-y thing about it.

On the main drag of the Fair, across from restaurant row and next to Connie's Corn, you'll find a booth selling funnel cakes. There are actually several different kinds of funnel cakes for sale here, including an intriguing-looking peanut butter funnel cake, but my Fair buddy wanted to try the pumpkin kind and that what we ordered.

We ordered it fairly early in the morning (funnel cake for breakfast!) and it was fresh and warm (and orange.) As my Fair buddy noted, it was fitting that we were having it for breakfast, as it had a very faint taste of pumpkin, a little like a vaguely pumpkin pancake. It was good as a funnel cake, but for lots of pumpkin flavor the deep-fried pumpkin pie beat it all to pieces.

I don't think I'll be having it again. Instead I think in the future I'll try one of the other different flavors. With as much peanut butter as it had on it, I'm not worried about the peanut butter funnel cake not having enough peanut-buttery taste...


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