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Taste Test -- Philly Cheesesteak Eggroll

It's a Philly cheesesteak eggroll! Sort of.

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Philly Cheesesteak Eggroll

If you stand in front of the doors to Dorton Arena and start walking forward, you'll find yourself eventually going down a hill toward the new midway. And as you're going down that hill, you'll see a booth on your right with a giant bottle of Gatorade on top. There you can pick up a Philly Cheesesteak Eggroll. And I gotta tell you, never have I been so happy to be mislead by a name.

I like cheese, but I hate cheese goop. You know what I mean -- when there's so much cheese on something that you can't taste anything else and everything has a goopy texture. I was afraid that a "Philly cheesesteak eggroll" meant an eggroll filled with cheese goop and a little bit of steak.

The eggroll was $6, I think (sorry, I lost my price note) and came covered with hot sauce. I think it was Sriracha sauce, which you might know as "rooster sauce." There was also a plastic fork and knife that did a minimum of good... this is a finger food.

I sat down and gingerly cut the eggroll open, prepared for cheese goop to go everywhere....

but surprise!

No cheese goop!

In fact, no cheese at all!

Instead, the very crunchy eggroll was filled with tasty Philly "blanksteak," which was complimented wonderfully by the hot sauce. It was messy, being a finger food with sauce on it, but it was the perfect amount for a meal.

For me this was the surprise food of the Fair. If you like lots of cheese you're going to be disappointed, but I thought it was fantastic. A for taste, A- minus for messiness. A good supper for a cool evening!

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