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Take a close look at Susan Brabeau's paintings

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Susan Brabeau

The Kerr Scott Building, in addition to having a number of business and information booths, also has a wide variety of visual media from contests on display. From kid's drawings to amateur photography to professional painting, the left half of the building is a great leisurely browse. If you spend any time wandering around this side of the building, be sure to take an extra minute and look closely at the paintings from Susan Brabeau of Wendell.

Susan Brabeau has two paintings on exhibit; an award-winning painting of a market scene and a painting of some quilts and kids playing around them. (See the pictures with this blog post.) There are a lot of people and animals in her pictures and they're all very busy. No person or animal or thing is there without reason; if you focus in on individuals you'll find lots of little dramas, tiny things going on. They're so much fun to explore; you really get a sense of a world in a just a square of canvas!

You can explore more of Susan's paintings and worlds at her gallery, available at The pictures are kind of small, though, so be sure to make a side trip to the Kerr Scott building if you can.

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