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Swift Creek students run, tackle like a Panther in 'Play 60' activities

Posted May 18, 2017 6:03 p.m. EDT
Updated July 13, 2018 2:04 p.m. EDT

— Students at Swift Creek Elementary in Raleigh had an opportunity to train like a NFL player on Thursday as part of the "Play 60" Initiative put on by the Carolina Panthers.

"We really want to encourage 60 minutes of play so that they can grow up and start developing that healthy lifestyle, those healthy habits and get them active," said a participant.

The camp had eight different stations. Each one mimicked a different drill.

"They throw, they catch, they run, they tackle," said a participant. "It's everything that football players do, and it's showing them what it is like to be a Carolina Panther for the day."

NFL 'Play 60' comes to Raleigh

The program tours the state and sets up shop at different schools and recreation centers a few times each week. Second, third, fourth and fifth graders took part in Thursday's activities.

Swift Creek PE teacher Sarah Graves first saw the commercial for the program years ago and thought it would be a great opportunity for her students

"So, I just looked online, applied. (It was a) very simple application, and (we) have been blessed to have it come to our school," she said. "If they're playing 60 minutes every single day, then they're going to be that best individual that they can be."

Several parents volunteered, as did some players from NC State.