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Sweltering Conditions in Chicago Schools

Posted August 30, 2013 12:35 p.m. EDT

Chicago in the summer can be hot, and that goes double when there's a heat wave. For students spending seven hours a day or more in class, along with their teachers, that heat can be brutal -- which is why you'd expect to see Chicago schools outfitted with air conditioning, right?

Wrong, evidently. While the city overhauled HVAC systems at facilities designated as "receiving schools" (those accepting students from Chicago schools closed to make up for budget shortfalls), other schools aren't so lucky. Consequently, students, staff, and teachers are roasting in the hot and sometimes unpleasantly aromatic conditions of their classrooms. Some rooms don't even have a cross-breeze!

Parents complain that their children are suffering in the heat, and the lack of upgrades raises serious questions about the quality of facilties at Chicago schools. In addition, lack of air conditioning can be especially hard on disabled children with impairments that make it hard to cope with higher temperatures. Can Chicago get it together and cool its kids off? Certainly numerous Chicago HVAC contractors are ready and willing to ride to the rescue!

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