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Sweet tooth savior

Need a sugar fix? Ilina Ewen finds a new bakery in Raleigh that offers much more than just chocolate cake.

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Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Ilina Ewen

I’m pretty much on a sugar high from October to April. I’ll gladly pilfer my sons’ Halloween candy under the guise of “choking hazard: must be removed” or snag a few candy canes off the family room Christmas tree. I’ll settle for waxy bad chocolate in a pinch. It seems the caliber of candy spirals downwards between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The boxed drugstore chocolate (loosely defined as such) doesn’t cut it, and the ubiquitous conversation hearts are good for nothing but art projects for homemade grade school valentines.

What my sinister sweet tooth really loves is dessert.

Cake. Cookies. Pie. Tarte.

And now thanks to Crumb, a fantastic new bakery in Raleigh, I dream about the likes of doughnut muffins and coconut cupcakes. And yes, I said doughnut muffins. You’ve never seen or tasted anything like it. It’s an indulgent addiction that will make any dry business meeting or painful mother-in-law visit palatable. I discovered the magic of Carrie and David quite serendipitously at the Social Media Business Forum. They had me at coffee cake. Made with actual coffee. What a delight for this freak for all things coffee.

Crumb’s concoctions will make you swoon. I’m not talking your run of the mill devil’s food cake here. I mean really, here’s just an example of the delectable cakes Crumb is cranking out: the Little Lebowski Urban Achiever (gotta love the name!) - chocolate cake filled with a vodka/ coffee ganache and topped with buttercream (made with…vodka and coffee liqueur!). While Crumb has mastered the basics (after all a simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting is one of my favorites), the duo of Carrie and David create some ingenious pairings that will trick your mind and tempt your tongue.

And yeah, I realize that last sentence sounded a tish naughty. But since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I’m going to let it slide.

What I also love is the touch of irreverence and humor Crumb brings to the table. With a tagline “so good it makes fat people cry,” Crumb doesn’t pretend to be haughty or prim. It’s just really good baking. And being in tune with how we connect these days, you can even place an order via Twitter (@justcrumb).

Forget wine and chocolate, I’ll just have a Crumb.

Ilina will write about food - from recipes to product reviews and whatever else comes to mind - on Wednesdays. Check out her own blog at Dirt & Noise.


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