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Suspected counterfeiting operation found in motel

Posted January 19, 2010 10:25 a.m. EST

— The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office has uncovered what investigators say was a counterfeit money operation inside a Fayetteville hotel.

Robbin Lynette Brown, 38, of 119 Crowder St., and Cecelia V. Robertson, 45, of 2593 Lake Jodeco Road, both of Jonesboro, Ga., were charged with counterfeiting, forgery, possession of counterfeit notes and felony conspiracy.

Investigators learned that phony $100 bills were being passed around in the community and traced them to the Holiday Inn Express at 1706 Skibo Road, where the two women were staying.

When deputies raided a hotel room over the weekend, they said, the two women stuffed 15 counterfeit $100 bills in the toilet of their room and tried to conceal the tools used to make them.

Authorities warned people who have $100 bills to make sure they are not counterfeit. The fake bills have a different texture and lack numerous security features, they said.