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Suspected burglar found dead in Fayetteville home

Posted March 8, 2012 4:04 p.m. EST
Updated March 9, 2012 7:59 p.m. EST

— Police responding to a reported burglary  found a body in a Fayetteville home Thursday afternoon.

Ron Vaughn said he called police when he saw a broken window at his home at 205 Spears Drive. He waited for police to arrive, before entering the home. Inside, they found a deceased man lying on the the hallway floor near the bathroom. 

"I was surprised. I had to walk back out," Vaughn said. 

Police said they believe the man, identified as Brandon Stocum, 28, had broken into the house and then died. He had cuts on his hands, but investigators said he did not lose a lot of blood. They have not determined a cause of death. 

Vaughn said he believes Stocum was after prescription drugs. Vaughn said the man was found with a bottle of pills in his hand.

By early evening, the crime scene was clear and Vaughn was allowed back inside his home. 

"It makes you think twice," Vaughn said. 

Vaughn said he wasn't sure he would be staying the night at the house. He said his first task was to clean up the mess that was left behind. 

Neighbor Robert Johnson was shocked. 

"I left today, this morning, for work and left my windows and everything open. I usually do, and when I walk the dog, I leave my door unlocked. But, not no more," Johnson said.