Surprise! You can watch the final season 'UnREAL' now on Hulu

Good news and bad news.

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Sandra Gonzalez (CNN)
(CNN) — Good news and bad news.

Good news: You can watch the entire new season of "UnREAL" right now on Hulu. Bad news: This is the show's final season.

"UnREAL" ran for three seasons on Lifetime before Hulu snagged first-run rights to the series back in May.

At the time the deal was made public, Hulu had not confirmed the fourth season would be its last.

The show follows two reality show producers -- Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and mentor Quinn (Constance Zimmer) -- who act as puppet masters behind the scenes on a "Bachelor"-esque program called "Everlasting."

Early in its run, the critically-acclaimed program helped raise Lifetime's profile in a competitive TV landscape.

Zimmer earned an Emmy nomination for her role in 2016, and Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro earned nominations in the drama series writing category.

The third season of "UnREAL" wrapped back in April. Launching the new season just months later came as a surprise to stars Zimmer and Appleby. Zimmer said they learned of the move last month and were pleased viewers wouldn't have a long wait to get one last taste of the series, according to an interview she gave to Entertainment Weekly.

"I feel like we had such a great run," Zimmer told EW about the show's end and Hulu release. "It would've been nice to see it end [on Lifetime], but I get it, and I appreciate that what they were more concerned about were the fans."

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