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Surprise family hit by thieves twice in one day

Posted December 4, 2017 2:24 p.m. EST

— A Surprise couple was hit by thieves twice in one day.

Janyt Auck was packing groceries into her SUV in a Surprise Fry's parking lot on Saturday when a thief stole her purse from the center console of the SUV. She was left stranded with no car keys, wallet or phone.

"I put my purse in the front console and I lifted up the back of the SUV and started loading all my groceries in and I got in and my purse was missing," Janyt said.

She called her husband Richard at home but he was busy dealing with his own ordeal. His truck was just stolen.

"I figured they could take what they could from her and she would be busy for awhile and they could come over and burglarize the house like professional thieves like to do," Richard said.

Richard was home at the time and he believes that's why the thieves didn't come into the home but since they stole his wife's purse with a spare key to the truck inside, they simply got in the truck and took off.

"I worked long and hard to get a truck like that. It was really a nice truck," Richard said.

The Ram four-door pickup truck did have some distinct features. Richard is a retired Marine and had a UNMC emblem on the truck along with other stickers.

The thief did manage to use one of their credit cards at a couple of locations. Surprise police are now investigating.