Super Bowl South Korean Style

WRAL anchor and reporter David Crabtree blogs about his Super Bowl Sunday in South Korea.

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David Crabtree

It was odd waking to Super Bowl Sunday, on a Monday morning. When you're 14 time zones ahead, that is reality. Watching the last quarter of a great game while searching for soundbites and planning the next two days is an experience in and of itself while those days are happening more than 7,000 miles from home.

There's a little more energy in the local town of Gangneung today. More athletes arriving. More media. More security and more fans. Flags are beginning to hang from balcony windows and people are ready for competition.

No snow where we are and that's the irony of these locations. We are some ten miles from the coast. The venue here will feature Ice Hockey and Speed Skating and everyday, the TODAY Show. The mountain venue features Opening Night Ceremonies and all the skiing events. Plenty of snow there and we will head that way this weekend.

Tomorrow, a solemn reminder of unresolved conflict. Photographer Richard Adkins and I head to the Demilitarized Zone. It's a 5:00am departure for a day long event. We feel privileged to be a part of this and to be able to look across the border into North Korea. The South Koreans I have spoken with appear to take their neighbors to the north in stride. They know all of Korea will march under the same flag Friday night.

A native North Carolinian I spoke with feels very comfortable here. Zachary Brinkman teaches English to middle and high school students. Four classes, more than 300 students. Talk about a student/teacher ratio issue! We will bring you his story later this week. Brinkman listens to the news, both Korean and American, and feels safe. Like everyone else has told me, "You live your life one day at a time, no matter where you are."

Enjoy your life this day.



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