Sunshine, clear skies to create 'beautiful' weekend

Posted January 18, 2013 6:45 a.m. EST
Updated January 19, 2013 9:10 a.m. EST

— A scattering of snow and slick roadways capped a dreary weather week in central North Carolina, but the sun will return in force for the weekend, WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss said. 

Both Saturday and Sunday should see high temperatures in the 50s under mostly sunny skies. In short, the weekend will be pretty typical for late January in the Triangle. 

Saturday dawned cold, with temperatures dipping into the mid-20s overnight across much of the area. Water left on the roads by Friday's quick-moving storm system froze overnight, but slick spots didn't cause any major issues Saturday morning. 

The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory overnight to warn drivers of potential icy patches, but it expired at 9 a.m. as temperatures climbed into the mid-30s and the sun rose higher in the sky. 

By mid-morning, any remaining wet spots should dry up quickly under a cloudless sky. 

"Saturday may be a day you want to stay in a little more, but if you have some things you need to do outside, Sunday's not looking like a bad day," Moss said.

After dark each day, temperatures will fall quickly and could dip below the freezing mark in the deep of the night.

Monday will again be temperate and sunny before a cold front brings a one-day blast of winter for Tuesday.

Even with some sun, Tuesday could be the coldest day in two years, but that is the one anomaly in an otherwise unremarkable week weather-wise.