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Sunni Sky's: Ice cream heaven

Out & About visits Sunni Sky's homemade ice cream in Angier to try out the more than 100 flavors available and tackle the spicy Cold Sweat challenge.

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Kathy Hanrahan
When we named our Five Favorite ice cream spots in the Triangle, some of you were angry that Sunni Sky's in Angier didn't make the list. It is a little outside the Triangle, so we didn't include it. But that didn't stop you from e-mailing, calling and tweeting us about our omission. 
Sunni Skys in Angier is known for its homemade ice cream.
Sunni Sky's was already on our radar due to its Cold Sweat ice cream, which is so hot you have to sign a waiver before tasting it. We had always planned on doing a feature about Cold Sweat, but decided to turn it into a full blown video package after your comments. 

Last week, we had the pleasure to visit Sunni Sky's, and I have to admit you were right. Their ice cream is amazing! With more than 110 flavors currently available, a friendly staff and some of the best ice cream we've ever tasted, the Out & About staff almost didn't leave! In fact, we are anxious to book our next afternoon field trip there. 

The Animal Cracker ice cream at Sunni Skys.

While at Sunni Sky's, we tried the following flavors: Rice Krispy Treat (with marshmallow and rice krispies), Blueberry Dumpcake (with pieces of pound cake inside), Frosted Animal Cracker, Tropical Sunset (mango, pineapple, fruity greatness), Banana Pudding and more! I love the unlimited samples they offer! 

The Cold Sweat spicy ice cream at Sunni Skys.

We also took on Cold Sweat! 

See our adventure in our video package and make sure to tell us in the comments section below which Sunni Skys flavor is your favorite! 


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