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Study Tips: A primer on the SAT vs. ACT

Melissa Rich of Raleigh Tutoring talks about the differences between the SATs and the ACTs.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

Back a million years ago when I was taking standardized tests, it was pretty simple. Everybody took the SAT, which only had a math and English section. The ACT was nice to take, but definitely not required.

The situation is very different today. Students can choose between the two. One test may play better to the strengths of a student than the other.

In this video, Melissa Rich of Raleigh Tutoring quickly breaks down the differences between these two tests and talks about what parents and students should consider as they decide which test to take.
Watch the video for more. Click here to learn more about Raleigh Tutoring, which offers one-on-one ACT and SAT prep tutorials. And check back next Wednesday as Rich offers tips to help your children develop and improve their study skills.


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