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Student proposes in front of hundreds on college campus

Posted January 31, 2018 8:28 p.m. EST

— Marriage proposals can be a tricky thing. Sometimes people like to think outside the box and go big.

Grand Canyon University senior Levi Conlow has been dating his girlfriend for several years and thought about what he wanted to do to pop the question.

So, he made a huge sign and put it up in a courtyard on campus. The sign was vague, no names were mentioned but it asked people to show up at a particular time to witness a marriage proposal.

"Man, if we could get 25 to 50 people there that would be really special," Conlow said.

Conlow spent several months planning this big moment and got family and friends involved. So when the day came, Conlow was pacing back and forth wondering if someone would show up. Well, expectations were exceeded.

"The nerves at that point, once you hear a thousand people, it's just going like crazy," Conlow said.

Rachel O'Brien was heading out to dinner with her roommate when she saw this big crowd. She didn't think that it was the work of her longtime boyfriend.

"There was this big crowd of people and we walked to it and had a no clue what this was at all," O'Brien said.

All of the sudden, Conlow came out of the crowd and headed toward the middle of the circle. O'Brien saw this happening and began to realize that the love of her life was about to pop the question.

"I thought to myself, 'No, no, wait, it's happening?'" she said.

In front of a crowd of more than a thousand, O'Brien and Conlow shared a moment in time that will be with them forever.

What's really cool about their story is how long they've known each other. The two first met back in first grade but wasn't until their senior year in high school that they became a couple.

Now, both seniors at GCU, they plan for an August wedding.