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Stressed about EOGs? Some tips

NC Parent Consultants offers some tips on how to help a child worried about End of Grade testing.

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Franklin County School classroom
Michelle Chachkes of NC Parent Consultants
Editor's Note: We're in the midst of testing season for students across North Carolina. Kids are sharpening their pencils for the End of Grade tests. So I checked in with the parents consultants at NC Parent Consultants for some survival tips. Here's what Michelle Chackes, a licensed clinical social worker, shared.

Are EOGs on your mind? How stressed should you be about them? How do you help your child be prepared for the EOGs?

The End of Grade tests are the common practice for students starting from third grade and up. They can be very stressful for some children.

It is important that parents realize that these tests are not anything your child can "cram" or prepare for. Instead, the test is only looking at the accumulation of skills and knowledge learned throughout the school year. There are practice EOGs your child's teacher may have given or will be giving to the class. If they do, then just treat it like any homework your child brings home and take on a "do your best work" attitude.

Here are some simple ways to help your child have successful testing days.

  • Set an early bedtime for the nights prior to the tests.
  • Prepare a nutritious breakfast for your child on the morning of tests.
  • Make sure your child is present and on time on test days.Students may not be allowed to enter classrooms once testing has begun.
  • Make sure your child takes his/her regular medication, if necessary.

If your child seems overly stressed by the EOGs, talk to their teacher and remind your child that the testing is a way for the school to see how well they are doing at their job of teaching. The child's job is to only do their very best!

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