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Strangers create classic memory for dying Robeson County man

Posted August 20, 2015 10:54 p.m. EDT

— Classic car owners from near and far came together Thursday for a gesture of goodwill for a man many of them don’t even know personally.

Tim Adriany, 41, was expecting to get a ride in an El Camino one last time when a convoy of classic cars showed up at his Parkton home.

“This opportunity is just the greatest pinnacle of anything else in my life,” said Adriany.

For Adriany, it was more than just another ride in a classic car, it was his dying wish. He is terminally ill with cancer, but for one moment, he was living the dream.

“He loves his classics, he loves his cars, and so he is beyond amazed with this,” said Adriany’s wife, Krystal Adriany.

Making Adriany’s dream come true started with his neighbor, Jolaunda Coe.

“I’m just so overwhelmed with all the love and compassion and to see this thing come together in such a short time,” said Coe.

Once Adriany’s wish hit social media, the classic car convoy was organized in less than two days.

“As a cancer survivor myself, as much positive vibes that you can give somebody, the better,” said classic car owner, Mike Schwind.

“For me, it’s making a difference in someone else’s life, not just his, but his wife, his kids, and for everyone to see that you don’t have to know someone to be nice,” said classic car owner, Milana Francis.

Thursday night, Adriany lived out his dream with one classic car after another, sharing the moment with his family. For the man of deep faith, it was a night to remember.

“I appreciate everything that everyone has done for this but I am second,” said Adriany. “This is still truly for the Lord, that’s the only statement I got. It’s still for the Lord.”