The Nashville Business Center: An ideal location for businesses to thrive

The Nashville Business Center is a great location for businesses to thrive. With its convenient location, supportive community, and helpful amenities, the center has everything businesses need to be successful and grow in Nash County, especially manufacturing and food processing companies. The town of Nashville, NC is dedicated to making the business center a success, with a team focusing on attracting businesses and providing the perfect environment for them to grow.
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The article was written for our sponsor Nash County Economic Development

Around 20 years ago, the town of Nashville, NC, acquired 25 acres of land and set out to develop the area that would support economic growth and business development. Since then, the Nashville Business Center has focused on attracting manufacturing and food processing companies by providing the right environment for those businesses to thrive. There are currently two sites available, between six and seven acres each. Nashville, NC and Nash County Economic Development are currently working to develop one of the sites, building a 50,000 square foot shell building with the hopes of attracting a new company to the area. This project is just one example of the county’s dedication to making the Nashville Business Center the ideal home for any business.

When finding the perfect location for your business, the Nashville Business Center should be at the top of your list. This 14-acre site offers prime visibility and ease of access, along with a host of other amenities such as 3-phase electricity, fiber internet connectivity, municipal water and sewer, natural gas, and close proximity to the interstate, that will appeal to any business owner. With easy access to major roadways such as US Route 64 and I-495, a variety of telecommunications providers and excellent utilities, the Nashville Business Center is perfectly equipped to meet the needs of any business. In addition to its many practical features, it also boasts a supportive community atmosphere through availability of qualified workforce and ease of development. And because of its ideal location, Nashville, NC offers sites at a lower cost than comparable areas within the Triangle.

In the Raleigh-Durham area, industrial properties sold for an average of $96.23 per square foot in 2020, according to APG Advisors. At the national level, Connected Real Estate Magazine stated this number grew to $145 per sq. foot in early 2021. In contrast, Nashville, NC offers an attractively lower cost of real estate, yet businesses are still in close proximity to urban areas. Nashville, NC’s location, in combination with more affordable labor, reduces the overall operating costs of businesses within Nash County, NC, an attractive prospect for many businesses.

The business park has been carefully planned and developed specifically for the needs of businesses that call the center home, including ACDi, an electronics manufacturer, and Atlantic Natural Foods. Randy Lansing, Nashville Town Manager said: “We already have those two types of industries in the park and we feel it's poised to have additional food processing or electronic manufacturing companies located in the park too.” And because of the town's supportive efforts, both ACDi and Atlantic Natural Foods are now thriving. Kim Boykin, plant manager for Nashville ACDi, said, "We designed and constructed our 50k sqft facility in the Nashville Business Park in 2007 and moved in 2008. ACDi considered several different counties and could have gone to any number of different locations, but we chose Nash County and the[Nashville] Business Center. We were moving from a rural location with a building that we had expanded several times where we were on well water and septic. moving into the Business Center enabled us to have access to a municipal water and sewer. It's a great location; with Nashville being the county seat we have Nash County administrative operations nearby and servers local to the plant, ready interest acces east/west and north/south via I4-95 and I-95, Nash Community Community within 5 miles, restaurants nearby, and a business friendly atmosphere. The town of Nashville, throughout the site selection, construction and relocation process was always accommodating and has been very supportive, helping ACDi with anything they could do to facilitate our move and our close relationship with the Town of Nashville continues to be strong today."

The companies located within the Nashville Business Center also bring hundreds of jobs to the community and offer solid benefits and good pay, which is very valuable to Nashville. "These businesses provide good solid employment for the people of Nashville and Nash County and we are fortunate and glad to have them," said Lansing. He added, "We feel our community is in the right position and has the available workforce for any business or industry looking to come into our community and begin operation.” With its ideal location just outside of the Triangle where companies can enjoy all the benefits of city life without paying the associated costs, the Nashville Business Center is an affordable option for businesses that doesn't sacrifice quality or access to top-tier infrastructure.

The article was written for our sponsor Nash County Economic Development