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Nearly 13,000 Wake Students Apply to Magnet, Year-Round Schools

Families can expect to receive letters about their application beginning March 14.
Posted 2008-03-12T21:36:37+00:00 - Updated 2008-03-13T02:16:55+00:00

Wake County's magnet and calendar-option schools received applications from almost 13,000 students for the 2008-09 school year, an increase of more than 1,000 over last year.

Magnet schools drew applications from 9,100 students. Magnet programs are offered at 35 county schools and range in focus from Creative Arts at the elementary level through International Baccalaureate at the high school level.

Officials said 3,773 students applied to switch from standard-calendar schools to year-round schools. Going the other way, 2,329 applied to make the opposite switch, into a school with a traditional calendar.

Families can expect to receive letters reporting the status of their applications beginning March 14. Families have until April 14 to accept or reject a student's placement.