Inkvictus: The influencer experience

On-screen influencers repeatedly choose Inkvictus for cosmetic tattoos. Find out why this studio has earned the business and trust of people who frequently need to be camera-ready.
Posted 2023-04-03T22:57:38+00:00 - Updated 2023-04-03T22:57:38+00:00

This article was written for our sponsor, Inkvictus Studios

Whether filming a planned video or taking a quick snap to post to social media, influencers are frequently in front of the camera. The less work they need to do to become camera-ready, the better. This is why many local influencers have turned to Inkvictus Studios for cosmetic tattoos that cut back on the time and effort it takes to put on makeup every day or, sometimes, multiple times a day.

For example, competitive powerlifter Kayla Crusen went to Inkvictus for a permanent makeup solution that would eliminate smearing when the self-described ‘gym rat’ worked out. She was impressed with the high-quality, upscale experience.

"Upon entering the shop, it’s almost like entering a salon, like a high-scale, luxury salon," Crusen said. "[There is] beautiful art everywhere."

Additionally, Inkvictus founder Natascha Rautenberg is an expert on cosmetic tattoos and works to make clients feel comfortable.

"[Rautenberg] answers every single question you could imagine with an in-depth explanation of everything she’s going to do, so you have no nervousness," Crusen said. "And she prepares you for the aftercare including a nice little bag full of everything you could need on top of her scheduling touch-up appointments. You just feel like you’re well taken care of."

The Inkvictus artists’ knowledge and care set them apart from other salons, Crusen said.

Another local influencer, wardrobe stylist and content creator Alicia Wilson, had been searching for a way to get brows that were the perfect shape and that would make her makeup application time shorter. Like Crusen, she found Inkvictus.

"It’s a very catering experience where you feel like you’re connecting with your esthetician," Wilson said.

In fact, a major benefit of Inkvictus is that it cultivates an environment where every client will feel confident about voicing opinions.

"You know that feeling when you’re getting your nails done and you don’t want to say something’s wrong?" Wilson said. "You don’t have to feel like that here, which is a great thing."

Rautenberg’s most important goal is to help every client feel loved, respected, and educated.

"I want our clients to understand every single step of my process so expectations are managed, but also in an effort to guarantee that we are on the same page," said Rautenberg.

It’s that level of care and communication that allows for Rautenberg’s clients to know that they are more than just customers.

"I’m really thankful for that personal relationship I’ve built there," Wilson said.

Influencers’ appearances are often part of their business model, so it’s very telling that they trust Rautenberg and Inkvictus Studios. But clients who don’t have ‘followers’ get the same expert level of artistry and attention.

As for the tattoos themselves, they are individualized and customized. Cosmetic tattoo artists must put the client's needs at the forefront, while also being able to offer expertise on how different tattoos will work with each individual's coloring and face shape.

"I am a redhead, so I have very light blond eyebrows, and that’s not really the look I want to rock most days," Crusen said. "So to have eyebrows that are permanently on my face that look natural, but still have some definition to them has made a huge difference in the time it takes me to get ready. I don’t have to stop, put makeup on, or worry about how I look. I can just go to the gym. So it’s been very helpful for at least having one less step."

In researching her options, Crusen said there was one thing that really stood out, safety.  

"It feels good to go into a shop where you know you’re safe," Crusen said. "You know who you’re having to do the service for you is educated, but also supports you and supports your journey."

From influencers to people who just want to simplify their makeup routine, Inkvictus focuses on client satisfaction.

"Our objective for the studio every single day is for each of you to leave feeling better for having visited," said Rautenberg. "We want you to love your brows or lips or eyes or lashes (duh!), but more importantly, we want your soul to feel good."

This article was written for our sponsor, Inkvictus Studios