Hear it from Hutch: Simple

WRAL Photojournalist Greg Hutchinson introduces you to the Triangle Rock band, Simple.
Posted 2009-08-27T00:40:54+00:00 - Updated 2010-06-27T21:26:17+00:00
Hear it from Hutch: Simple

Their name says it all.

The Carrboro, NC band, Simple, is just that.

They’ve been around about 4 years and playing music isn’t their number one priority. I can certainly appreciate that.

Simple consists of a web developer, a technician and a teacher. All great careers, but yet each member of the band looks forward to band practice (almost as much as their shows in some cases) as a way to release.

I love their sound. It’s raw, but catches my attention. Hopefully you see what I mean in this video.

They don’t play many live shows, maybe one or two a month. Hopefully with the release of some new material soon, that will change!

Hope you enjoy! And be sure to follow their links to learn more about Simple!