Hear it from Hutch: Ben Davis and the Jetts

WRAL photojournalist Greg Hutchinson introduces you to Ben Davis and the Jetts.
Posted 2009-11-05T01:25:16+00:00 - Updated 2010-06-27T21:26:18+00:00
Hear it from Hutch: Ben Davis and the Jetts

The Triangle freakin’ rocks! Soooo many bands!

Allow me to introduce you to Ben Davis and the Jetts!

Once again, I regret not shooting more video. I always think I have enough… I never do. I could have added more cuts, but I reused too many shots as it was.

Ben Davis and the Jetts played Precipiced, the first song off their new album, Charge It Up. I think I got busted rockin’ out more than once while putting this together.

Normally I’d be sick of a song after hearing it as many times as it takes to edit one of these pieces. This song didn’t have that effect, much like their CD.

Their practice space was pretty rad, as you can see… a vacant spot, pretty much in a shopping center. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it, but I’m fairly new to this. It definitely made for some awesome wide-shots!

Check out their video clip, and follow the web links!

Thanks a lot to Ben Davis and the Jetts! Enjoy!

And hey, BD, P.S... next time you play with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s… hook me up with Karen O’s autograph!