Details matter: The process of cosmetic tattooing

People of all ages are increasingly looking to the option of cosmetic tattoos to save time and boost confidence.
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Spotlight: Sponsored: Details matter: The process of cosmetic tattooing

This article was written for our sponsor, Inkvictus Studios

Cosmetic tattoos are a type of permanent makeup applied by injecting pigment into the upper layers of skin. Common facial applications include eyebrows, lips, and the lining of the eye. A professional will customize the tattoo to the shape of customers’ faces and personal desires.

The goal is for people to feel confident in themselves and satisfied with their appearance.

Why cosmetic tattoos?

Confidence, convenience, and personal satisfaction were all factors that played into Joetta MacMiller’s decision to book an appointment with cosmetic tattoo artist Natascha Rautenberg, founder of Inkvictus Studios in Raleigh.

"You tend to lose some of your facial hair as you get older; it gets thinner," said MacMiller, who is 66. "I got tired of having to draw my eyebrows on every day. They were never the same from one day to the next."

MacMiller learned about permanent makeup when researching information about brows that didn’t require daily application and was referred to Inkvictus.

"Natascha is young, and she has a great business sense," MacMiller said. "Not only was she able to start her business right before COVID but has been able to keep it and grow it. To me that speaks volumes of the service that she provides. She treats everybody as a customer in the long term, not just a one and done."

Inkvictus offers lash enhancement, lash services, lip blushing, and powder brows, each designed to enhance natural beauty.

Microblading vs. powder brows

MacMiller was looking into microblading when she was referred to Inkvictus, but Inkvictus instead offers powder brows.

"Microblading is a technique that uses a small tool, with an array of needles, to cut/slice into the skin and create a hair stroke pattern," according to Inkvictus. "Powder brows is a less abrasive technique that is created with a tattoo machine. It lightly grazes (punctures) the skin and slowly builds up pigment."

The result is less trauma and aging to the skin and more predictable results that don’t require frequent touch-ups.

"One of the other things that made me choose them is, on their website, they state that they don't want to see you before 12 to 18 months because they say it's not necessary, and it's just not needed," MacMiller said.

That’s because Rautenberg makes a point of doing such good work that customers won’t need constant touch-up appointments.

"She was more customer service oriented," MacMIller said. "She saw you as a person instead of just dollar signs."

What to expect at your appointment

Inkvictus offers free consultations for clients to determine if cosmetic tattooing is right for them. Experienced artists help clients select appropriate services and educate them on preparing for their appointment as well as aftercare and upkeep.

Service appointments are two to three hours. Clients should not wear makeup to their appointment and should plan to wear glasses instead of contacts if they are buying lash enhancement. For most services, the artist will apply a local numbing agent to reduce pain sensation. A majority of clients report experiencing a pain level of only 1 or 2 on a scale from 1 to 10, according to Inkvictus.

"It didn’t hurt, just a little pinch," MacMiller said. "The only thing I felt afterwards was it was a little warm, like a sunburn. I had no pain by the next day."

After the service, Inkvictus provided MacMiller with detailed instructions on how to care for her powder brows for the best long-term results.

"Even though it’s considered a tattoo, it still looks very natural, like the eyebrow hairs are still there," MacMiller said.

For a few days after the service, tattoos may darken or appear warmer in color, but that settles as it heals. Six weeks post-appointment, clients return for a touch-up appointment to ensure the final product meets expectations.

"I’ve already referred three people over to Natascha," MacMiller said. "If I get a chance to talk to anyone about cosmetic tattoos, I tell them about how excited I am and how I was nervous going in, but after going through the experience I would do it all over again in a heartbeat."

This article was written for our sponsor, Inkvictus Studios