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WRAL photojournalist Greg Hutchinson introduces you to the Chapel Hill band, Boykiller.
Posted 2012-06-16T00:46:45+00:00 - Updated 2012-06-16T00:46:45+00:00

It had been a while since I ventured out to see a band. So, a few weeks ago I decided to end my lame streak, and wondered into Tir Na Nog. It was a Thursday, I was wearing pants.

There was a band there I had never heard of before, perhaps that’s because I was living inside a box of lame.
That band is comprised of three lovely ladies, collectively they are known as: Boykiller.

Their live set made me remember what I love about live, local music. It was raw, fun and expressive. I couldn’t have asked for a better chauffeur from the lackadaisical mental dwelling I had previously been residing in.

If you don’t enjoy an evening hanging out with these girls and taking in their art, then you can pretty much just stay at home every night, because you just don’t enjoy anything.

They don’t have a lot recorded yet, but the ladies from BK ensured me that won’t always be the case. Their live shows aren’t hard to find, and you can check out their links to hear and learn more.

I hope you like the video, it was a blast to shoot!