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Irrigation Water Now Available In Raleigh

Posted 2006-08-04T00:18:51+00:00 - Updated 2006-04-27T12:15:00+00:00
Irrigation Water Now Available In Raleigh

Starting Thursday, the Raleigh Public Utilities Department will be offering recycled water, which is basically treated wastewater in bulk, for irrigation-only purposes. As long as you haul it yourself, it is free.

The wastewater has been treated at the plant to meet reuse water quality standards. Cary was the first town in the state to use treated wastewater for irrigation.

"It's reclaiming a resource that would have been wasted and frees up a lot of potable water that we may have to ration a lot further if we didn't use recycled water," said Cary resident Tom Ricketts.

Right now, the city does not pipe the treated water into neighborhoods. In the short term, the city hopes to pipe the water to significant customers, like a golf course.

In addition to irrigation, you can safely use the water to clean streets and driveways, car washing and to fill some decorative ponds and fountains. The water is not be used for drinking, filling swimming pools, or to water food crops.

You can pick up the recycled water from the City's E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant between 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The city says you can take as much as you want. The plant generates an average of four million gallons of reuse water a day.